One of the biggest ways we're different is the simple fact that Dr. Noseworthy teaches the Functional Medicine seminars that many other

doctors go to in order to learn how to help people like you.

Who would you rather work with -

the doc who attends these seminars, or the one who teaches them?

We See Fewer People

While most docs want to see as many people as possible, we intentionally limit the number of clients we accept every month so we can keep both eyes (and ears) focused on you.

Our first priority is to listen not just to your symptoms but to your "story". We want to know what YOU are concerned about most, and how it is affecting your quality of life, productivity and hopes and dreams.

We Spend More Time

We spend 45-60 minutes with our clients during routine appointments (sometimes more). Our Initial Consultation runs 60-90 minutes.

So our clients can sit back, relax and not worry about cramming everything into a 10-12 minute slot in an effort to be heard and understood.

We Get Better Results

We're not shackled by insurance regulations, nor are we blinded by the "specialist" mentality that sees on parts of the whole.

Our mission is to see you as a whole person and understand the bigger picture, so we can do what's right for you, not what's right for your insurance company.

We Run More Tests

Getting the right answers begins by asking the right questions. But what if you don't ask ENOUGH questions? We focus on running the right type and amount of tests up front so we're not left guessing.

When it comes to helping you achieve your goals our motto is "Test Don't Guess".

We Look At Them The Right Way

To most docs, lab results are unrelated "data points" that point to either drugs or surgery. Not us. We know all lab tests tell a story - the story of your metabolic state, or your general physiology.

So we interpret all labs together, because everything is interconnected. The result is a perspective of how your whole body works, not just a small part of it.

We Come To You (well not really)

All of our consultations are handled virtually, using cutting-edge online meeting software, so we can work with you wherever you are. In fact, we were virtual ong before virtual became cool.

So there's no need to get all gussied up and battle traffic across town, or fly in from out of state, or another country. That saves you time and it's awfully convenient.

We Set Your Plan and Execute It

Most doctors grope from visit to visit trying to figure out what to do, and they tend to space their visits out too far to keep track of anything. That makes it hard to have any real strategy or plan.

Our personalized programs start with intensive data gathering and review, then we lay out a strategy ahead of time and follow that plan - so we know what we're doing, and why, at all times.

But We're Flexible When Needed

Just because we set a plan doesn't mean we can't modify it. Part of being strategic and successful is knowing when to change things up.

That's why we schedule frequent follow ups to stay on top of things and make changes when we need to.

Plus, all of my clients get my personal contact info so they can email or text me between consult if they need to.

It's a new way of doing things.

I'm sure you've heard it said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. When it comes to controlling your unresolved thyroid symptoms, you can't just keep doing what you've always done. Maybe it's time to think outside of the box and to do something different.

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Conventional medicine is great for emergencies, but the system is plagued by major problems that make it hard to believe it cares about you.

The average medical office visit is less than 13 minutes. Thirteen minutes! That's barely enough time to say hello, let alone get to know your story, understand your concerns and brainstorm solutions to complex problems. Especially when it takes an average of 32 days to get an appointment.

Medical researchers confirm that with the unfavorable changes to healthcare over the last decade, doctors "have one eye on the patient and the other on the clock". Who wants to work with a distracted doctor?

Most doctors get their patients from insurance companies, who reduce medical payments year after year. So, if a conventional doctor wants to earn a decent wage, he/she has to see more people and spend less time with each one. It's simple math, but you end up paying the price.

Medical doctors have to follow insurance guidelines that limit the tests they can run and the treatments they can offer. Those restrictions limit a doctor's ability to see the big picture and how everything fits together. So...who's really in charge here?
The traditional medical system teaches their doctors to look at you like your body is made up of a bunch of unrelated parts, as if your body systems are not all linked together. That's why there are so many medical specialties. But don't ask your thyroid doc about your brain fog or your gut symptoms or your anxiety or your sleep problems, because...that's not their specialty.
Medical specialists might be well trained in one particular body system, but when you have blinders on and can't see the big picture you can't see how everything fits together. But that's exactly what most people are looking for isn't it?
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