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Marnie (Picture withheld by request)

Working with Dr. Steven Noseworthy over the past several weeks has been one of my life’s greatest blessings.

Over many years I have sought out or been referred to multiple practitioners from various disciplines, spent tens of thousands of dollars on consults, visits, and supplements and way too many hours to try to count. Not to mention the effort involved, with all the tests and appointments and diet plans and pills. 

After everything, I still had symptoms of Lyme, menopause, had cancer and a host of issues.  When I first met Dr. Noseworthy, I was in pain 24/7 and mentally, emotionally drained.  I was closer than I’d ever been to giving up, full of resentment, despair and cynicism.

Because of his reputation and experience, my husband and I decided to ask Dr. N for help – but since nobody before him had been able to do much for me, I had little expectation that he would succeed in any meaningful way.

I really didn’t want yet another doctor telling me to change my diet, start exercising and take some pills.  And yet, that’s pretty much what Dr. N suggested I do!

The thing is, that’s not all he said. 

I have 2 university degrees in biology and nutrition and a wealth of experience with practitioners, diet plans, medications, supplements and exercises.  However listening to Dr. N, I felt like it was the first day of school.  I have learned so much in a short time.

Dr. Noseworthy has really opened my eyes to the world of metabolism and I am beginning to understand how the body’s systems and symptoms of dis-ease are connected, and how they can be restored to proper functionality given the right conditions.

Dr. N has the most thoughtful, detailed approach to investigating, diagnosing and treating.  I feel extremely comfortable and confident in his ability to find solutions for improving my health and longevity.

Just a few short months ago, I felt old beyond my years and had almost given up hope that I’d ever feel healthy again. 

I’ve got a long way to go, but I feel like I’m once again in control of my body.  I finally feel like I’m going to get my life back!


Dr. Noseworthy gets it. From his excellent work, his investigative mind, and his ability to connect with his patients you know exactly where you stand. Before I landed in Dr. N's office I originally thought I was at a dead end. A lost cause if you will. I was told I was the picture of health without receiving any explanations to my "why's" . Truly, I would recommend Dr. N to anyone seeking answers to their questions. The modern medical system failed us and without Dr.N actually believing me when something was wrong, I'm not sure where I'd be today. I finally know how to properly manage my autoimmunity. My wife and I both trust his advice and expertise more than any medical professional we've ever met. Thank you, Dr. Noseworthy!!


I am 63 years old so about 5 years ago I had some trauma in my life and of course all the things that go along with aging.  I started having symptoms of fatigue, sleep disorders, hormonal changes, and gut dysfunction and I have always been an active person. 

I started out with conventional doctors who would prescribe prescriptions for thyroid and sleep. Then I went to conventional PA's who prescribed bioidentical hormones.  I started to notice when any of these medications caused a side effect they would try to address it with another medication.  I was taking meds for hair loss and insomnia.  Frustrated, I went to a so-called Functional medicine clinic and they ran tests which cost me a fortune and put me on pellet hormone therapy.  My fatigue and depression and hair loss were getting worse so I decided to try a Naturopathic doctor who took me off all medications and prescribed a supplement  protocol which I later found out was the same protocol given to all her patients. 

I then took an online nutrition course for the next 10 months.  The nutrition class taught me we are all unique and everything is connected.  Nutrition became very helpful and important to me.  I contracted Covid a year or so later and it hit my gut dysbiosis hard and  I began to lose hope.  I didn't know what to believe anymore so I started listening to podcasts to educate myself more and I have learned sometimes learning more does not fix things.  I needed a coach who believed in the same things I did. "We are all unique and there is no one size for all."   I googled inflammation on my podcasts and found Inflammation Nation with Dr. Steven Noseworthy.  I could not wait to make an appointment with him and begin a new journey with someone who listens, cares and has more wisdom about the body than anyone I have met. 

I might also add it is not about him selling products with his name on them.  He is truly interested in patient care!  Today I am sleeping through the night, I don't take a nap everyday, my gut health is a work in progress but much improved, my mood has improved and I have not completed my journey with him yet.  


When I came to Dr. Noseworthy I was suffering from severe insomnia, digestive issues, and anxiety. I was amazed that he truly answers all text and emails himself. He responded to me in 12 hours, and we had an appointment set within days. Within 7-10 days of starting the new eating protocol I began to see positive changes with my digestive issues and my sleep. I have been continually amazed by his knowledge, responsiveness, and caring. I have seen many natural physicians in my life, and he truly stands out as one of the best. I am excited to experience the healing and benefits I am going to continue to see as we continue our work together. Highly recommend him!


I started working with Dr NoseWorthy after he successfully treated my mother. I suffered from a variety of issues including eczema, abnormal weight loss, fatigue, depression, brain fog, and chronic joint pain. This was impeding my ability to work as well as my ability to enjoy time with my family. As a business owner, a new husband and a new father I was juggling a lot and struggling to cope. After my initial consult with Dr NoseWorthy he decided to work with me and I decided to work with him. This process was clearly a team effort. He worked with me around my schedule as well as providing a few possible options for solutions. He is aware that some people have financial restrictions especially with recent events and was able to help me prioritize which testing, diet choices, and supplementation would be the best “bang for my Buck”. He is constantly available for communication and take the time to explain things during consults. He takes feedback well and is able to adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

The most important thing when working with Dr NoseWorthy is to pay attention to your mind and body and be able to provide him feedback so that he can provide you with the most custom tailored care. Since working with Dr NoseWorthy I have regained a significant amount of weight at a much leaner physique than before. I have been able to discontinue or significantly lower the dosage of at least 3-4 medications I was being prescribed prior as he has worked alongside my other medical providers. I also am able to play with my toddler more and enjoy the weekends with my family on new adventures.

My capability to focus at work has drastically improved and my overall sense of well being is much much better. I feel so much more like myself than before when I was riddled with anxiety and brain fog. My skin although not perfect is manageable and does not cause me constant unbearable suffering. My goals with Dr NoseWorthy were realistic and we have achieved many of them with continued improvement as we get closer and closer to checking off all the boxes in my list. As corny as it may sound I would like to  thank Dr NoseWorthy for “giving me my life back” not just from me but from my family as well.

The question is not whether you should hire Dr NoseWorthy as part of your treatment team but whether you are committed to helping yourself and improving your quality of life for you and the loved ones you keep around you as all the tools you need will be provided for you.


After having gut issues for many years and never finding a lasting solution, I finally met Dr. N. Not only has he helped me get on the right path to healing my gut, his protocols have helped me in several other areas of my health as well. Dr. N puts his heart into work and it shows!
My goal wasn’t weight loss, but I’ve lost almost 15 lbs and I feel great! I have more energy, little to no gut issues, and my headaches and hair loss have stopped. I would recommend Dr. N to anyone I know! 

"We don't have a healthcare system, we have a disease management system...What we need is a whole new type of medicine..." 

For all of its wonders, conventional medicine fails miserably at preventing, or improving, chronic diseases. It has no options for people with autoimmunity, other than meds that simply dampen symptoms, or worse, suppress immune function. And heaven forbid medical doctors EVER learn anything substantial and meaningful about diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation to support their patients health journey!

The trailer below, for the documentary Escape Fire, says it better than I ever could.

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