Don't let unresolved and confusing symptoms rob you of the life you want to live. 

Wouldn't life be easier if you only had one symptom at a time? But what do you do when you have multiple symptoms and your doctor doesn't know what to do with you anymore?

I can help with that.

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Isn't it time you got back to feeling like yourself again?

Some people have an abrupt change in their quality of life, while others see it slip away slowly year after year. Either way you wake up one day not feeling like "you" anymore. And after multiple failed attempts to get answers and get back control, you start to lose hope you'll ever feel normal again, especially when you realize your health is negatively affecting the ones you love.

Whether you have an autoimmunity like Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, or have been high blood sugar, or a gut problem.

Feeling Normal and Healthy Again is Possible

You CAN have more energy, balanced hormones, a sharper mind, a quiet gut, more stable moods, restorative sleep and more. But most importantly you can have a productive and fulfilling life again, one that's not focused on how bad you feel today, but on how good tomorrow will be! Fixing unresolved symptoms is one thing, but the goal of doing that is to change your quality of life, to see yourself smile, to hear yourself laugh, and to know that you add value to those around you.

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You are unique and your doctor should treat you that way. Who doesn't want to be treated like a whole person and not just a case or diagnosis?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Noseworthy - The Doctor Who Teaches Other Doctors

I am fortunate enough to be one of the most requested speakers for the most popular Functional Medicine seminars taught anywhere around.

I've taught medical doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, dieticians, and nutritionists from around the world cutting edge strategies that use diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements.

I was doing virtual consults before virtual was cool.

Distance is no longer an obstacle. No matter where you are, if you have an internet connection we can work together.

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If It's Your Thyroid Don't Feel Bad - Most Doctors Don't Understand Your Symptoms Either

Conventional medicine sees hypothyroidism as simply needing thyroid hormone replacement. But it's not that easy, because most thyroid conditions are caused by autoimmunity - your own immune system attacking  your thyroid gland - and unfortunately, taking thyroid medications doesn't do much to improve immune balance and control.

If you're tried and failed to get better on your own, or had some success but not enough, don't feel bad. Most of us are not experts in optimizing our own diet and lifestyle, or in using standard and specialty lab testing to create personalized supplementation recommendations. And most people don't have access to current medical research about natural strategies to gain control of their general metabolic state and immune system.

But we are, and we do.

Check out my new Thyroid course: The 4 Pillars Thyroid System

If It's Your Gut Don't Feel Bad - Most Doctors Don't Read Their Own Research

Most doctors don't really get the concept that people living in developed countries can get parasites, or have things like candida overgrowth.

IF they do a stool test they don't use a specialty lab and they only look for 4-5 "critters" and dare to tell you you don't have a gut infection when those 5 come back normal.

Rule of Thumb: You can only see what you test for. That's why I use a lab that specializes in gut/stool testing and uses DNA technology to find dozens of potential infections.

And don't even get me started on Leaky Gut. There are almost 20,000 medical research articles written on the topic, yet most Gastro docs don't even believe it's a real thing.

Check out my new gut course: The 5-Step Gut Protocol

If It's Your Brain, Don't Feel Bad - Your Doctor Thinks All You Need is an Antidepressant

Medical research is VERY clear on a few things your doctor probably doesn't undestand:

  • Depression is more of a brain-inflammation thing than a chemical imbalance thing
  • Brain-inflammation manifests mainly as brain fog
  • And you won't fix that with Prozac or Xanax

The key to having a Better Brain is to find and fix all of the metabolic imbalances that change how the brain operates. That means casting a wide net to look for things like blood sugar imbalances, adrenal problems, hormone balance, immune competence, and yes, your gut.

If It's Your Sleep Don't Feel Bad - Your Doctor Thinks All You Need to Do is Take a pill and "Chillax"

The most commonly prescribed drug for sleep is an anti-anxiety medication. Which works for some people...for a period of time. Then it stops.

Why? Because simply taking a pill doesn't address Root Cause.

In my experience, 80% of sleep issues can be significantly improved, if not resolved, by fixing two interdependent things: blood sugar control and adrenal dysfunction.

If It's Your Blood Sugar, Don't Feel Bad - Your Doctor Will Tell You To Just Take Your Pills and You Can Eat Anything You Want...WRONG!

Your doctor really doesn't know anything other than you either have high blood sugar or you don't. 

But blood sugar control exists along a spectrum with problems that often mix together and symptoms that can overlap.

So it is possible to have high blood sugar with periods of low blood sugar. And it is possible to start out with low blood sugar and eventually develop high blood sugar.

They want to make things black and white, when it is any but that.


If It's Your Energy Don't Feel Bad - Most Doctors Probably Think You're Just Depressed

Now that's just downright insulting, isn't it?

Some people get depressed BECAUSE they're so tired they can't do the things they love, and they see their hopes and dreams drifting away.

In other words, depression is usually not the cause of fatigue, it's a symptom!

Solving the fatigue puzzle requires a little work, because so many factors can influence how much energy we can produce.

Is it your thyroid? Your fasting insulin? Adrenal fatigue? A chronic infection like Epstein Barr? Low hormones? The result of poor sleep (which has it's own set of root causes)...and so on.

It's not so black and white is it?

If It's Your Weight, Don't Feel Bad - Your Doctor Still Thinks Exercising More and Eating Less Should Work 

Weight loss science has changed. Do you need a calorie deficit to lose weight? Sure. But that's not all you need.

First off, reframe your thinking from "lose weight" to "body recomposition". That's about losing weight and gaining muscle, which makes you stronger and more capable.

Plus, a pound of muscle is smaller than a pound of fat, so if you replace 10 pounds of fat with 10 pounds of muscle, you will weigh the same, but you will be smaller. And happier.

If you can't lose weight despite eating like a bird and killing yourself in the gym then you have a metabolic obstacle that is usually rooted in an undiagnosed or poorly managed thyroid issue, a high fasting insulin, toxins that act to increase body fat, and/or some form of systemic inflammation.

Check out my podcast episodes on the Top 5 Obstacles to Weight Loss here.

Do You Really Believe You Need ANOTHER Prescription or Referral to a Specialist?

If you're frustrated with conventional medicine, and have more questions than answers, then you have to start looking in different places and asking different questions.

My Autonomous Health approach to controlling and conquering unresolved and puzzling symptoms uses personalized strategies to optimize your diet, your lifestyle and nutritional supplementation.

I do more testing, of different kinds, than most healthcare practitioners. That's why I get better answers and can get better results.

You can't fix what you can't find.

But natural medicine, or Functional Medicine as we call it, is not for everyone.

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