Nobody likes to be rushed. And no one wants to be put on the spot to solve a complex puzzle very quickly. But it sure seems the conventional medical system is designed to do all of that.
I do exactly the opposite.



I Don't Take Every Client's Case

I have a good reputation and I'd like to keep it that way. Part of my success is being selective over who I work with and accepting only those clients I feel have a high probability of success in my programs. If I accept you as a client then rest assured that I am confident I can help you.

I Don't Rush Things

My initial consult runs 60-90 minutes. My follow up sessions run 45-60 minutes. And if we need more time we schedule more time. That's just commons sense.

I Meet Frequently With My Clients

When it comes to making positive changes it helps to have consistent contact and coaching. We meet more frequently in the beginning of a program when there are more questions and things to troubleshoot, then we spread things out as you begin to stabilize and thrive.

I Plan Ahead

They say that "failing to plan is planning to fail", and your unresolved symptoms are no different. So why would you work with a doctor who doesn't know what he/she is doing from one consult to the next, and spends the first five minutes of your consult re-reading your chart? Successful programs like mine map out a course of action ahead of time and navigate through that, making necessary adjustments along the way. After all, things can change and we need to be flexible enough to change our course of action, but if we set out on a journey without any roadmap at all, how will we ever get where we want to go?

I Prioritize Our Goals & Focus on What's Important

Most of my clients have multiple symptoms in multiple systems - meaning there is more than one problem to fix. But we can't fix everything at once. So I use my extensive knowledge of human metabolism and biochemistry, as well as a functional hierarchy to figure out what to do first, second and third. It turns out that when you tackle one problem at a time, in an organized way, you get more done.

I Do Comprehensive Testing

I work with only the top lab providers in the nation for comprehensive blood, saliva, stool and urine testing. Anyone can run MORE tests, the trick is to run the RIGHT tests with enough detail to get the answers we need.

I Interpret Results the Right Way

Instead of looking at each test as a stand-alone point of data, I look at all of your test results together, almost as if everything is interconnected...because it is. Having a big-picture, whole-body view is the only way we get to connect the dots in any meaningful way.

I Teach You How to Take Care of Yourself

Give someone a fish and feed them for a day - TEACH someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. 

It's one thing to show you your problems and to set you on the the right path to recovery, but it's an entirely different thing to teach you how to take care of yourself. The problem in today's world is that there are too many voices, too many options and too many "expert" opinions. The power to get better is in your hands - won't you let me show you how to sort through all the noise and figure out what is right for you?

The Natural Solution For Unresolved Symptoms

Stay at home or at work, and work with one of the top Functional Medicine experts and seminar speakers using online meetings and your computer.

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