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Most people with chronc gut complaints have 4 things they have to remove:

  1. Dietary triggers and inflammatory foods
  2. Unhealthy critters infecting the gut
  3. Biofilm - a gooey slime that critters make to hide from your immune system
  4. Gut toxins



Sometimes changes in the your gut cause reduced digestive capacity, which means you migh need to support:

  1. HCl, or stomach acid
  2. Bile from your gallbladder
  3. Or enzymes from your pancreas


Your gut is host to your Microbiome, a collection of 100 trillion (or so) healthy bacteria that do good things for us. Take care of them and they take care of us.

But your "probiotics" can suffer from the Standard American Diet, competition from infections, sedentary lifestyle and more. You might need to know how to fix it.


When the lining of your gut starts to break down it let's toxins, partially digested food proteins and more slip into your bloodstream. It's call having a Leaky Gut (fancy-shmancy people call it Intestinal Permeability).  This can lead to:

  1. Gut inflammation
  2. Food sensitivities
  3. Systemic inflammation
  4. Autoimmune reactivity


Heard of the Brain-Gut Axis? It's pretty important, because without a strong connection from your brain to your gut you can't

  1. Have regular bowel movements
  2. Produce sufficient digestive enzymes
  3. Repair a Leaky Gut
  4. Or keep the bacteria from your Large Intestine from relocating up into your Small Intestine


I give you the tools you need to figure out which of the 5 Steps you need to focus on, and how to put all the information you've learned into a practical, and personalized, gut program that is just right for you.

I even give you exclusive access to high-quality nutritional supplements that I have used with my personal coaching clients, all laid out according to the 5 Steps of the program.

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