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The 4 Pillar Thyroid System (full course)

This self-paced course is based on current scientific research and will show you things I can guarantee your thyroid doctor doesn't know.

Module 1 - FINDING the Right Thyroid Medication for You

  •  Why MDs typically Prescribe Synthroid and nothing else
  •  Bioidentical versus Synthetic thyroid medications
  • Clean versus Dirty thyroid medications
  • Which lab tests reveal your best thyroid medication 
Module 2 - FORGING Your Ideal Diet
  • Calories and Macros
  • Gluten as Public Enemy #1
  • The Paleo Diet as the best starting point
  • Tweaking Things: Food sensitivities, Lectins, FODMAPs, Histamines, Oxalates and Salicylates

Module 3 - FIXING Your Main Autoimmune Triggers

  • Blood Sugar Instability
  • Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Leaky Gut and other Barrier Systems
  • Environmental chemicals that disrupt the thyroid system
Module 4 - FOCUSING on Immune Balance and Control
  •  Why you should expect flare ups
  • Why autoimmune balance, control and resilience are the keys to Your success
  • Knowing Your Immunotype
  • What to do next