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SAVE on the 5-Step Gut Protocol (Normally $397)

This program contains a series of short videos and an at-home Workbook, chock full of cutting edge information, practical tips, questionnaires and assessments that you can use to set up your own gut protocol based on what YOU want and need. Here is a breakdown of what you'll get.

  • Module 1: The Geeky-Science Stuff that explains the Brain-Gut Axis, and how the gut functions as part of your immune system
  • Step 1: REMOVE unwanted triggers like
    • Inflammatory foods
    • Unhealthy critters (gut infections)
    • Biofilm (this is a BIG one!)
    • Gut toxins
  • Step 2: REPLACE lost digestive capacity. How to tell support and fix low levels of 
    • Stomach acid
    • Gallbladder/bile
    • Pancreatic enzymes
  • Step 3: RENEW your microbiome
    • Understand the difference between prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics
    • Learn what you can do to take care of the healthy bacteria that take care of you
  • Step 4: REPAIR
    • How to tell if you have a Leaky Gut and how to fix it (it's not as easy as throwing a supplement at it!)
  • Step 5: REHAB the Vagal System
    • Learn how to strengthen the connection between your brain and your gut to keep it bulletproof
  • Additional Resources