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3D Detox: The New Science of Detoxification

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This course contains OVER 5 HOURS of expert instruction!

Stop trying to detox your body in 7 days with juice cleanses and detox salads or shakes!

Let me walk you through the new science of detox so you can do it yourself and do it right.

What you'll learn:

  • You will learn the same concepts, principles and process Dr. Noseworthy teaches to other doctors in Functional Medicine seminars

  • Why you need to break your detox down into 3 phases

    • D1: Deload and Pre-Tox - the things you need to do BEFORE you detox

    • D2: The Detox - how to support your liver in its effort to cleanse your body

    • D3: Deep-Tox - how to pull toxins from deep-storage and repair damage done to your cells by the toxins they hold

  • When to be aggressive with detox and when you can slow it down

  • The truth about toxin testing and whether you should use blood, hair or urine to check your toxin load

  • The common obstacles to efficient detox

  • And much more...

What you'll get:

  • Immediate access to all modules video lessons

  • Watch a video or listen to an audio version instead

  • A downloadable workbook with checklists, questionnaires and other resources 

  • A complete plan that outlines diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements broken down by phase

  • Access to my online store and all of my recommended supplements broken down by each of the 3 detox phases